About Egosms

Egosms is a Value Added Service content provider that provides sms info to telecommunications subscribers in Uganda. We have grown from strength to strength in building a dynamic network coverage in the East Africa Market and beyond.
We provide customers with a secure, simple, affordable, dependable and high capacity-messaging platform. This is an easy to use web-based product, which offers bulk SMS delivery, functionality, history reporting, bulk imports of contacts and many advanced sending features.
With Egosms, we guarantee that you will take mobile communication to a completely new level. We take an extra step in providing free bulk SMS upon registration to ensure that you test our SMS Portal functionality.
You will be able to connect any system or application to our Sms API.

How does the Egosms function?

Step 1: Register on our Egosms Platform for your free account, you can send Bulk SMS Directly or through System API
Step 2: Decide if your message should be delivered instantly or you it scheduled
Step 3: Delivery of the messages to your clients at the set date and time.
Signing up is easy and fast. The requirements are for you to provide your email address and password. We treasure our clients’ information. Therefore, we protect your data in our systems. Once you sign up, we offer you a free Test bulk SMS.

Uses of Bulk Sms

Sales Promotions

Marketing your events, products or special occasion with SMS means a low cost, high engagement platform that increases attendance and brand awareness.

Orders /Goods Tracking

A simple delivery notification, shipping confirmation, goods tracking or order confirmation will reduce the number of calls that the customer care department has to deal with. It will also help you keep a record of outgoing orders and evaluate supply chain management issues

Product Verification/Password Confirmations

As more businesses move their data to cloud-based systems, the need to protect your data, and your customer’s data, has never been higher. 2FA through SMS is the ideal solution for adding an extra layer of security to your business, and API integration and Egosms SMS provides a simple, hassle-free and cost-effective way to improve website security with two-factor authorization.


By making it easy for clients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments, you not only reduce your number of no-shows but you also improve your customer service. SMS marketing is a simple and cost-effective tool for appointment reminders. Almost everyone carries a cell phone, and most have it with him or her all the time and check it almost 50 times a day. In addition, text messages have an almost 100 percent open rate.


To send SMS alerts and notifications to your customer base, you would have understand how the modern consumer operates across channels and devices. You will need to optimize bulk SMS to your segmented list of customers. By doing this you will ensure that, your customer gets the highest value, while you get the highest returns.

Customer Support

Remind customers to complete payments or let them know their item is ready for pick-up/delivery by sending a text alert or SMS long code.