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Tips for Writing Effective Holiday SMS Messages

5 Tips for Writing Effective Holiday SMS Messages
5 Tips for Writing Effective Holiday SMS Messages

As we begin the Christmas season, many marketers are now tasked to create Christmas campaigns and even promotions in order to increase sales and create brand awareness. One of the most effective campaigns companies will be carrying out is the SMS campaign. Because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, many companies are now opting to use SMS to communicate with their clients.

How, though, can companies create compelling messages that will attract clients and potential leads during this season? Writing effective holiday SMS messages involves striking the right balance between warmth, brevity, and relevance.

Here are some tips to help you craft compelling holiday SMS messages:

  1. Personalization:
    • Use the recipient’s name whenever possible.
    • Reference specific experiences or shared memories to make the message more personal.
    • Tip: Use the recipient’s name to add a personal touch.
    • Example: “Hey Esther! Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with love and laughter. 🎄✨”
  2. Keep it Concise:
    • SMS has character limitations, so keep your messages short and sweet.
    • Get straight to the point and convey your holiday wishes efficiently.
    • Tip: Keep your message short and include festive elements.
    • Example: “Merry Christmas! May your days be merry and bright! 🎅🎁”
  3. Express Genuine Emotion:
    • Use heartfelt language to convey your emotions.
    • Express gratitude, love, or appreciation sincerely.
    • Tip: Convey sincere emotions in your message.
    • Example: “Grateful for the wonderful moments we’ve shared this year. Wishing you and your family a warm and joyful holiday season. 🌟”
  4. Use Emojis Sparingly:
    • Emojis can add a festive touch but don’t overdo it. Use them selectively to enhance the message.
    • Make sure the emojis align with the tone of your message.
  5. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA):
    • Encourage recipients to respond or take a specific action, such as visiting your store or website for holiday promotions.
    • For example: “Reply with your favourite holiday tradition!”
    • Tip: Encourage engagement with a call to action.
    • Example: “Reply with your favourite holiday tradition! Let’s share the joy. 🎉”
  6. Highlight Special Offers:
    • If you’re running holiday promotions, mention them in your SMS.
    • Create a sense of urgency by including a limited-time offer.
    • Tip: If applicable, mention special holiday promotions.
    • Example: “Unwrap the savings! Enjoy 20% off on all holiday gifts. Limited time only. Shop now! 🎁🛍️”
  7. Timing Matters:
    • Send your messages at appropriate times. Consider time zones and the recipient’s schedule.
    • Avoid sending messages too early or too late in the day.
    • Tip: Consider the timing of your messages.
    • Example: “Good morning! Kickstart your day with festive vibes. Happy holidays! 🌞🎄”
  8. Create a Sense of Urgency:
    • If you have time-limited promotions or events, convey a sense of urgency to prompt action.
    • For example: “Limited-time holiday discounts – shop now!”
    • Tip: Use language that creates a sense of urgency.
    • Example: “Last chance! Our holiday sale ends tonight. Don’t miss out on the savings! 🕒🛒”
  9. Respect Cultural Diversity:
    • Be mindful of the diversity of holidays celebrated by your audience.
    • Consider using inclusive language that acknowledges various celebrations.
    • Tip: Acknowledge different celebrations.
    • Example: “Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, or another holiday, sending warm wishes your way! 🌈✨”
  10. Test Your Messages:
    • Before sending out a large batch of SMS, test your messages on a small group to ensure they are well-received.
    • Monitor responses and adjust your approach if needed.
    • Tip: Test your messages before sending them to a larger audience.
    • Example: “Testing, testing! Just a quick holiday hello. Let us know if you receive this message! 📱👋”
  11. Express Gratitude:
    • Take the opportunity to thank your customers, clients, or contacts for their support during the year.
    • Show appreciation for their loyalty.
    • Tip: Take the opportunity to thank your audience.
    • Example: “As the year comes to a close, we want to express our gratitude for your continued support. Wishing you a joyful holiday season! 🙏❤️”
  12. Check for Typos:
    • A simple yet crucial tip – proofread your messages to catch any spelling or grammatical errors.
    • Typos can undermine the professionalism of your message.
    • Tip: Proofread your messages to avoid typos.
    • Example: “Wishing you a holly jolly holiday! 🎄✨ (No autocorrect mishaps this time!) 😅”

Remember, the key is to create a positive and memorable experience for the recipient while aligning with the festive spirit. Adjust your tone and content based on your relationship with the person and the nature of your communication. To begin sending holiday messages to your clients, sign up for EgoSMS here.

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