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bulk sms
bulk sms

Egosms platform that allows our clients to quickly deploy short and important messages using bulk SMS communications. Our SMS platform allows for SMS API integration, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS campaigns and more. We offer several solutions for sending and receiving SMS messages. Once registered on Egosms platform, a user has unrestricted access to all of them.

SMS has a 98% open rate, SMS marketing is a cost-effective, effective and direct communication facility to use as a marketing tool to engage in a 2-way conversation with your customers and clients.

Let’s show you 5 ways your brand can start using bulk SMS to improve and strengthen your marketing plan.


Sending Confirmation/validation SMS Messages

It’s always nice to keep your customers in sync with what happening. Sending them a quick message concerning their purchase being dispatched to the messengers, or confirmation a physician’s appointment can do wonders in reassuring your customers that you are on of your game in your business


Response From Your Customers

To ensure that you are doing the right thing is to get a response from your customers. Customers always give the most correct feedback. After all, you are selling your product or services to them. When your customer receives your product, give them a few days to enjoy it and gain enough feedback for the product, then send them an SMS, to get their response


Exclusive Offers or Discounts 

In case you have any upcoming event or offers it’s always good to inform your customers. This will exactly make customers feel thought after and proud when you send them their own exclusive offer or discount directly to their cellphone. They will feel appreciated, and will more than likely spend more at your business because they feel like they mean something to you.


Appointments & Reminders via SMS

Preparation appointments with your clients is the easy part, but making sure they are reminded of the appointment can get quite boring when you have a busy schedule. This is where you can schedule an SMS message to both you and your customers, reminding yourself and them of the important appointment.


Improve Customer Service relation 

SMS still holds its ground as the most effective tool to use to get your message across, as well as receiving responses from your customers. This gives you an efficient communication tool, which is powerful in making sure your customers are happy, and well taken care of.

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