15 Innovative Ways to Use SMS in Your Business

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There has never been a better time to leverage SMS messaging for business communication. However, for your business to get the most out of SMS communication, it is vital that you identify your requirements and particular use case. Getting the most out of your SMS communication strategy begins with understanding your primary purpose.

This article looks at some of the top SMS use cases. These include:

1. Payment and billing reminders

Sending payment reminder text messages is highly effective. It’s a non-obtrusive method that serves as a basic reminder. Furthermore, because nearly everyone checks their phones several times per day, you can expect it to be highly effective.

If done correctly, the friendly reminders help keep customers updated and organized.

2. SMS marketing

One of the most common use cases of SMS is sending marketing blasts to several subscribers simultaneously. Using SMS is one of the simplest ways of sending new product announcements, special offers, and flash sale notifications.

Determining the best SMS business communication strategy begins with carefully defining your business requirements.

3. Emergency alerts and notifications

When you need to transmit time-sensitive information, SMS is a very effective tool. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for crucial communication because it is delivered instantly.

4. Scheduling, appointment reminders, and notifications

Reminders are SMS message notifications that keep clients updated on orders, updates, purchases, and appointments.

SMS is a popular form of communication and is less intrusive than receiving a reminder via phone call. In addition, automating your customer reminders with text messages is cost-effective and less time-consuming.

5. Customer service communication

Your customer support team can use SMS to troubleshoot technical issues, gather feedback, issue new account registrations, confirm refunds, and forward security pin codes.

6. Order and delivery confirmations

With the proliferation of the internet and mass adoption of e-commerce, SMS has become integral in sending out order confirmations and delivery updates. Order notifications provide reassurance to customers, and the high open rates of texts, increase the chances of your messages getting read.

SMS has become integral in sending out order confirmations and delivery updates. In addition, order notifications provide reassurance to customers. ‚Äč

7. Shopping cart abandonment

In the last half-decade, online shopping has become increasingly common. A challenge for e-commerce businesses is that customers frequently abandon potential purchases in online shopping carts. Text alerts help remind customers of items left in their shopping carts.

8. Customer polls, surveys, and ratings

Successful companies zero in on customer demand to determine what they want and deliver it. However, gathering the required insights can be costly.

Customer polls and surveys help collect data and segment your contacts based on their interests. This enables you to deliver targeted messages to your audience cost-effectively.

A customer survey allows you to get feedback on what you’re doing well and where you could improve. Texting customer surveys is ideal because text response rates are higher than email. In addition, texting allows you to be more creative and interactive with your survey.

9. Internal communication

Internal communications within organizations are typically delivered via email. However, email communication has its advantages and disadvantages. Email, for example, is frequently ignored. On the other hand, you can use SMS effectively for meeting reminders, shift scheduling, and security alerts.

Several companies use texts to communicate and coordinate with their internal and remote workforce. In addition, texts to employees are useful for company-wide updates that need to be communicated quickly. As a result, you’ll save both time and money.

10. Automated responses

Manually responding to your customers at scale can be prohibitive. SMS autoresponders can help your company provide immediate responses to customers who require them.

11. Job-opening alerts to job seekers

Offering a text alert to highlight new job openings can help you speed up the recruitment process and attract the best talent.

12. Event reminders, updates, & promotions

Because promotions are time-sensitive, you want to ensure they are seen as soon as possible.

Event planners and coordinators use text messaging to send reminders before an event and share updates in case of last-minute schedule changes. With SMS messaging, you can also gather feedback after an event.

13. New product or service launch

When launching a new product or service, informing your customers is a great way of gaining traction. These announcements may go unnoticed in a crowded email inbox, but they get noticed via text. You can use text messaging to keep customers updated on new products and even provide exclusive access.

14. Customer anniversary & birthday messages

Staying connected with your customers by sending out personalized messages during birthdays is a convenient way of reaching your customers and reminding them that you care. In addition, birthday and anniversary messages are excellent ways of increasing brand affinity for your company.

15. Contests

Contests are a simple and creative way to increase customer loyalty.

For example, participants can enter a sweepstake by texting a keyword to your “textable” shortcode number and stand a chance to win prizes.

Once you’ve adequately defined your requirements, you can work out the best way to use SMS text messaging for business communication. With no shortage of use cases, there’s never been a better time to begin leveraging instant messaging and business texting services with your target audience. Get started Today by signing up for free.

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