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7 Ways to Use SMS for Event Marketing


Event organizers know all too well how challenging it is to manage events. Preparations involve careful planning and rigorous coordination.

However, that isn’t all. For your event to be a success, you must promote, attract, target, and engage attendees.

If used the right way, SMS can be incredibly powerful. To have success with SMS event marketing, ample preparations are required prior to your event. These include creating a website to promote your event, ensuring that your website has a subscription form and option, showcasing the event schedule on all your communication mediums, promoting your event, confirming attendee reservations, and properly staffing your team for the event.

In this article, we are going to explore nine ways SMS as a communication tool can help you successfully market your events.

1. Pre-event Updates

Make it easy for guests to get to your location on the event day, by sharing links to Google Maps directions and if possible, a public transport guide. Include specified times and notify attendees what time they should arrive.

2. Text Your Existing Customers

Notifying your existing clients allows you to benefit from word-of-mouth promotion and encourage them to tell a friend, coworker, or even family members.

3. Segment and text people who have purchased in previous years, but not this year

Segment your list into persons who have bought tickets in prior years but haven’t done so this year. Send them a text message including an exclusive purchase link with a special offer if they purchase within a specified time.

4. Offer a Promotion or Discount

Increase subscribers by offering discounts to people who subscribe and sign up for a presale or early bird tickets. Freebies are always enticing and can be in the form of coupons, vouchers, or a discount.

5. Flash Deals

When it comes to creating urgency, text messages are extremely effective. Text your subscribers who haven’t bought tickets yet with a secret link to a limited-time special offer.

6. Provide Convenient Reminders

SMS messages are a convenient way to send reminders without being too intrusive. A steady stream of promotions ensures that the event remains top of mind to your audience.

7. Send Onsite Updates & Reminders

Attendees will feel they are a part of the event if ongoing details and updates are sent during the event. They will be up to date on exactly what is going on and this helps to increase brand loyalty.

It is crucial to notify your attendees of any updates or changes in scheduling.

There are numerous ways to make your event more engaging, such as sending out reminders about contests or votes, performance times, polls, lineup changes, or other vital updates.

Sending frequent text messages to attendees throughout the event is fine, as long as they’re relevant, targeted, and valuable.

Event Marketing: During the Event

Send Event Reminders

During the event, an SMS message can help many people remain on track with the schedule. These reminders have a significant impact on how your participants perceive the event. Some attendees require start-time reminders. A simple reminder can go a long way toward helping you establish and maintain your subscriptions.

Promote Contest or Sweepstakes

Promoting sweepstakes or having several contests available throughout the event makes attendees feel more engaged and enthused about their decision to attend. It might be modest or enormous, but the goal is to make it enjoyable and a “must-attend” event.

Share a Poll With Your Audience

Send SMS messages to your audience urging them to vote in a poll regarding interesting facts, things they wish to see in the future, or how they feel about certain themes. Post your findings during the event. It’s all about involving the audience and making them feel like they’re a part of a larger event where they’re the center of attention.

Share Exclusive Content

Give attendees a reason to subscribe to receive text messages, by providing access to content that you don’t send out through any other channel. For example onsite vouchers and sneak previews of the event.

Onsite Team Communication

Keep your worksite workforce informed with essential text message updates. This could include schedule adjustments or crucial updates. Conveniently communicating with your workforce, helps to keep everyone on the same page.

Post-event Marketing

Text your event attendees the day after the event to thank them for coming. Include a link for them to register their interest in next year’s event to capitalize on the event’s buzz.

So, there you have it! It is important to note that you need to ensure fans have properly opted in to receive SMS messages from you and Egosms makes it easy to send targeted SMS messages to your audience with our all-in-one messaging platform.

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