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SMS Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations

SMS Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations
SMS Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations

Text Messaging Service for Nonprofit

Effective communication is critical for a nonprofit organization. You must keep donors and other interested parties informed and engaged in your mission or cause, in order to continue raising funding and bringing about your organization’s desired positive change.

NGOs can become effective change agents by leveraging and easily engaging with communities and donors using SMS marketing.

By keeping participants up to date and informed on your progress, NGOs can build deeper bonds with communities or donors, track participation, communicate fund-raising events and increase the donor base easily.

Why SMS Text Marketing Is Effective Communication Tool For NGOs

In this article, we’re going to look at examples of SMS messages that encourage the public to donate to a charity or cause. We’ll focus on the benefits of employing a direct mode of communication, such as SMS, to communicate your message. SMS is a convenient, direct, and quick way to interact with the public.

There are 5.32 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today capable of sending and receiving text messages.

Texts are delivered using a cellular network rather than over Wi-Fi, allowing them to be sent and received anywhere.

In addition, 95% of text messages are opened and responded to within three minutes of being delivered.

Text messaging is still a popular and effective mode of communication. Texts are reliable, feel personal, are far more likely to be read than other forms of communication, and can make a big impact. Other reasons why charity organization or NGO text messaging marketing is a good idea include:

Text-to-give initiatives are commonly used by disaster relief groups like the Red Cross to allow contributors to instantly assist their relief operations, like in the case of the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

Text messaging marketing for organizations can assist you in raising donations, connecting and building stronger relationships with your supporters, and quickly communicating vital messages. As a communication channel, SMS is also quite useful. You pay for the texts you send, and the return on investment is high due to the high open and engagement rates.

Non-profit Text Message Marketing

NGO text message marketing can promote fundraising campaigns, thank supporters, respond to frequently asked questions, send reminders, and much more. Here are a few use cases and examples:

1. Generate Awareness

Although SMS only has 160 characters to work within a text message, you can use SMS to spread critical information about your cause. Because texts have such an impact, sending out some fast facts in this manner might effectively raise awareness.


Did you know that teen pregnancies can be prevented? Talk to your teen about early pregnancy. Attend our webinar for more information. https://www.teenrescues.cm

2. Event Promotion & Reminders

Events are an excellent way to engage with the local community, raise funds, and support. Text messages can be used for event promotions, registration confirmation, and reminders.


Hi Jane. We’re holding an African crafts day at the village mall on 07/07/22 to raise money for CornerSton Church. Reply Y/N to confirm your attendance.

Hi Jane, thanks for registering to attend our African crafts day on 07/07/22! It starts at 9 am. Here’s a link to more info: https://conerstonchurch.cm/

Hi Jane, just a reminder that our African crafts day starts at 9 am tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you there!

3. Instant Communication With Volunteers

When you need to send time-sensitive information to volunteers who are out and about helping your cause, SMS is a great option.


Hi Paul, could you pick up Mr. Lutalo’s prescription from the pharmacy today and deliver it to his home? It’ll be ready from 12 pm onward.

We urgently need one additional volunteer to assist in the delivery of supplies to our elderly residents on Monday. Can you assist?

4. Donation Requests

When you need to raise money or solicit various forms of donations, texting allows you to do it almost instantly. You can also enable donors to donate money using mobile money services. You might also provide a link to your website donation page where contributors can make an online pledge.


Urgent appeal: Little Doves daycare needs your help to raise funds for our children’s nursing room. Text 787 to 0123456789 to donate.


Text messaging can help you communicate more effectively with donors and others who need to know about your cause. It can also help you increase donations because many people find texting to donate simple and quick.

For NGOs looking to execute effective fundraising campaigns, text message marketing is a game-changer. With EgoSMS, getting started with text messaging is simple. Signup here to create your free account and explore a range of possibilities. Our friendly support team will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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