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Retail Text Message Marketing

Retail Text Message Marketing
Retail Text Message Marketing

Retail businesses can reach out to customers effectively and affordably through retail text message marketing. Regardless of whether you own a clothing store, a tiny boutique, an auto dealer, or sell products and services of any type, SMS marketing is an excellent way to draw in clients and build relationships with them while differentiating your company from the competition.

What is Retail Text Message Marketing?
Retail SMS marketing, is your business’s communication with your clients using their mobile devices. Retailers can utilize texting to encourage customers back to their store, give them special offers and mobile coupons, or just advertise a sale or event.

Retail SMS Marketing Types
Retailers can choose from a variety of SMS marketing strategies. Mass texting and corporate texting are two of them. The goal of mass texting is to communicate with a large number of people at once. Business texting focuses on sending more personalized, allowing for more direct, one-on-one engagement between the sender and the recipient.

Benefits of SMS Marketing for Retail

Retail text marketing has several advantages, enabling companies to communicate with their target market through a device that they currently use rather than compelling them to read a billboard, poster, or even an email, that may be outside of their comfort zone. Here are some benefits of retail SMS marketing to consider:

• Effectively communicate time-sensitive information:
95 percent of texts are read within three minutes of receiving them. This makes SMS an effective means of communication with your customers.

Get your message across:
SMS boasts a staggering open rate of 98percent. In comparison, email marketing campaigns receive a 20% open rate.

• Reduces the cost of your advertising:
Traditional types of advertising like print ads, TV, and radio, tend to be expensive, and difficult to measure their efficacy. SMS marketing is less expensive, with full reporting features and the ability to identify click-through rates, conversion rates, and more.

How to Use Text Message Marketing for Retail (Examples)
Many types of texts for retailers and boutiques can be sent to your target audience, regardless of the type of product you sell. Here are some examples:
Retailers can use SMS marketing in a variety of ways, including the following:

New Product Alerts.
The majority of consumers frequently use their mobile phones. SMS notification for new product arrivals is a very effective way to inform your clients when you have a new offering in store.

1. (256) 712-345-6XX
Our Summer 2022 collection has just hit stores!
Stop by today to get a first look at our hottest pieces!

2. (256) 712-345-6XX
Our SPRING 2022 Collection is now available in all stores in the Kampala area!
Visit the store nearest you to get a first peek at our one-of-a-kind exclusive clothing selection.

Promote Events.
Organizing a special event? SMS for event marketing allows retailers to easily send invitations, reminders, and RSVP tracking.

1. (256) 712-345-6XX
Hello, Jane!
Use promo code 10OFF at checkout to receive 10% off your next purchase.

2. (256) 712-345-6XX
It’s time to welcome the holiday season in the best way possible.
Drop by between 7-9 PM today for an exclusive wine tasting hosted by Michelin Chef Nobu.

Loyalty Programs.
Subscribers are more likely to return to your store and purchase thanks to loyalty SMS programs since they feel valued and special. Offer SMS subscribers additional privileges like flash deals, member-only gatherings, and discounts.

1. (256) 712-345-6XX
Hey VIP!
We’re hosting an exclusive VIP members-only after-hours sale on Friday, July 26th.
Join Us!

2. (256) 712-345-6XX
Welcome to our Health Foodie Program!
As a thank you, we’re offering you a free salad on your next restaurant visit.

Special Mobile Offers.
A great way to express gratitude to clients for being a part of your mobile audience is through special mobile offers.

1. (256) 712-345-678
Happy Birthday, Brenda!
Stop by today for a FREE milkshake or sandwich on us.

2. (256) 712-345-678
Hi Pauline,
thank you for being our loyal customer!
Come by before 31/12 and show this message for 20% off any purchase.

How to Start Sending Retail Text Messages
Ready to start sending retail texts? Here’s the simple process to get started:
Sign Up for a Text Marketing Platform
Egosms SMS marketing web platform allows you to create a free account and explore how SMS marketing can help grow your business.

Upload Current List of Contacts
Once you have completed the free and simple signup process, it is time to upload your list of customers to the Egosms database. Add your master contact list. You can split your list into groups for more targeted texts.

Create Your Text Message
Create your targeted text message.

Send Retail Texts
You are now ready to send your texts to your intended audience.

Whether you would like to reach a large group of customers or a more niche target audience, Egosms makes it easy and cost-effective to send retail and boutique SMS messages to your audience.
Ready to grow your business? Egosms has all the tools you need and more. Sign up for free to get started today!

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