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A Quick Guide To Bulk SMS For Insurance Providers

A Quick Guide To Bulk SMS For Insurance Providers
A Quick Guide To Bulk SMS For Insurance Providers

With a whopping 70% of consumers advocating for SMS as an ideal way for businesses to draw their attention, there is no better way to get your customers to reply and interact with you than through SMS.

All businesses can benefit from having conversations with clients. Insurance businesses can particularly benefit from this. SMS can help clients stay informed about their loans or to find out what they think about your business.
Below are six SMS marketing strategies insurance providers can utilize to boost revenue and client satisfaction.

1. Debt reminders & repayment– You can use SMS to follow up on debt repayment in one of two ways: by simply texting your customer the details of the debt and requesting them to pay; or by employing a customized mobile payment plan that enables customers to pay the debt entirely through SMS. Consequently, your staff will spend less time hunting down debt, saving both time and money.

Example: Hi Susan, just to let you know you still have
100,000(ugx) left to pay on your account. Please pay here www.link.com or call us today at 077X-XXX-XXX.

2. Confirmation and reminders– Send clients notifications that their insurance is about to expire, along with a link or phone number to call for renewal.

Example: Hi Denis, your health insurance is now up for renewal, you can either renew it here www.link.com or call us at 077X-XXX-XXX to discuss your current plan.

3. Offer other services– Offer additional services to your current clients. Send a quick SMS message with a specific service you provide to clients you believe could benefit from it not only gives them the impression that you care about them but may also result in those clients purchasing the additional services you are offering.

Example: Hi Chloe, did you know in addition to home insurance- we also offer car insurance? Please have a look here www.link.com or give us a call at 077X-XXX-XXX.

4. Claim updates–Send an SMS containing information about the customers’ claims, including the status, duration, success or failure, and reasons for each. Customers won’t contact you to request a claim update if you keep them informed and up to date.

Example: Hi Clara, just to let you know that your claim has been received and is now with our associates who will be in touch shortly. Thank you.

5. Short code SMS– Get customers to text a short code to receive a free quote from you. For example: “Text CAR to 7878 to receive a free quote.” You can promote the code on your website, through brochures, emails, or by sending a bulk text message to your customers.

Text CAR to 7878 to get a free quote on car insurance.
Hello, thanks for texting in…Our lowest price on car insurance is 100,000(ugx) per month. Call us now to see how much you could save 07XX-XXX-XXX.

6. SMS Surveys– Send a short SMS survey to your customers asking simple questions and feedback about the quality of your service. Finding out your strengths and shortcomings in this way is quite helpful.

How would you rate our customer service out of 10? With 10 being excellent.

SMS is an effective communication tool for your business. Be it in the Insurance sector or another, you can set up an account with us completely free.

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