5 Ways a Business Can Use SMS

5 ways businesses use SMS
5 ways businesses use SMS

Compared to other platforms, SMS is a low-cost, easy-to-use communication channel. So how are businesses and organizations using SMS? This article will highlight 5 ways a business can use SMS to communicate with customers.

1. SMS Delivery Notification

SMS is a perfect and simple way to notify customers of a parcel or package delivery.

The instant nature of the communication medium means that customers receive immediate notifications.

Egosms bulk SMS platform allows you to have an audit trail of your customer communications, in the event that anything goes wrong or any type of dispute.

When sending out a notification, It’s important to highlight as much detail about the delivery as possible, so include the name of the item being sent, the date and time of delivery, etc. Be as clear and specific as possible, to avoid your delivered text from being misinterpreted or misunderstood.

2. SMS for 2-Factor Authentication (2fa)

Companies are implementing innovative strategies to strengthen the security of their customers’ accounts as account hacking and fraud cases increase.

2fa is the most common and widely used two-factor authentication available. It is relatively easy to implement, quick and low cost.

SMS-based 2fa has become the prevalent choice for banks and most transactions.

Typically SMS 2fa sends a code to the customers’ mobile that they then use to authenticate a transaction and authorize or gain access to an account.

3. SMS Appointment Reminders

Sending text appointment reminders is one of the most common use cases of SMS. They help reduce the number of missed appointments.

It is more effective to keep the message as a one-way text reminder, vis a vi giving SMS recipients the option to reply. Inviting users to confirm or change their appointment will likely prompt people to make last-minute changes.

4. SMS Order Confirmation

Text messages are read within the first few minutes of receipt. SMS order confirmation gives customers the reassurance that their order has been received.

Sending customers a text order confirmation reduces the need for additional support and improves customer satisfaction overall.

Businesses can enhance their image and efficiency by adopting SMS as a customer communication channel.

5. Promotion, sales, and marketing

This is one of the highest use cases of SMS for businesses. A large percentage of all text messages sent are sales or promotional in nature. With open rates as high as 95%, this comes as no surprise.

Despite the emergence of new messaging channels such as rich communication services (RCS), SMS remains a popular medium of communication. On average, the response rate of bulk SMS campaigns is approximately 15% compared to that of email which is less than 1%.

SMS can reach your respective clients no matter where your business or customers are located. SMS is a widely used and effective business communication tool. Sign up for free or contact us today to get started.

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