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5 Reasons You Should Use SMS as a Business Communication Tool

5 Reasons You Should Use SMS as a Business Communication Tool
5 Reasons You Should Use SMS as a Business Communication Tool

What device do most people always carry with them? Their cellphone. The average mobile phone user checks their phone roughly every three minutes.

SMS is a powerful marketing and communications tool for organizations of all sizes. Let’s examine the many benefits SMS has over other channels.

SMS is a simple and remarkably versatile business communication tool. It is used by retailers to promote upcoming sales, reduce no-shows for medical appointments, help service-based companies gather consumer feedback, and much more.

Regardless of how you plan on leveraging it, the advantages of SMS as a means of communication speak for itself. Let us look at five benefits of SMS.

1. SMS is simple and instant

More than 60% of people read their SMS within 5 minutes of receipt. Sending a mass SMS broadcast to targeted audiences in your database is quick and simple.

SMS is a great option if you need to send your customers an urgent message. For example, you may want to run a flash sale to clear off some inventory or you may need to send out an important update to all of your consumers.

2. Every message can be personalized

As your organization grows, it becomes challenging to provide customers with a personal touch yet personalization is crucial even as a business grows.

SMS automation allows you to easily include customer names and other information in your messages. This gives the impression of a direct and personalized engagement with each and every customer.

3. Reach more people

Did you know there are 7.26 billion mobile phone owners worldwide? Albeit this statistic, not all of these phones are smartphones. Irrespective of this, all phones are designed to receive and respond to SMS messages.

With SMS, all you really need is your customer’s phone number and their permission to message them. There is no chance of your messages ending up in a spam folder.

4. Sending an SMS is simple and easy

SMS is simple and straightforward technology. Almost everyone is familiar with how to read and respond to text messages.

Any marketer would tell you that SMS’s instant nature is one of its main advantages. SMS provides a direct line of communication to consumers.

EgoSMS SMS gateway was created with simplicity in mind. Anyone of your staff can easily step in and start delivering SMS messages to clients thanks to the simple, clutter-free interface.

5. SMS is very cost-effective

SMS is one of the most reliable, accessible, and cost-effective communication channels available to marketers. It is inexpensive to set up and send SMS messages, and it has a good return when marketing product offers and sales promotions.

Experience the benefits of SMS for your business. Learn how our SMS messaging service can help you grow your customer base, your business, and your reach. Set up a free account and get started today.

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