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The Impact of Bulk SMS on Sales and Revenue

Sales are the moving force of every business. Each business process begins with a sale. Salespeople in every industry are basically the movers and shakers in society.

One thing that has helped the evolution of the sales process is the advancement of technology. Phones and the internet have eased easier communication between the seller and buyer. Businesses that utilise technology to sell have a competitive advantage. Businesses that use practical and convenient technology are at an even more advantage.

Bulk SMS greatly benefits the sales process. Her is how;

It is time-saving; We might not rule out physical meetings and even door-to-door cold calling, these are all valuable. But imagine being able to sell time dragging through meetings by sending a simple pitch via text. This is not only time-saving but also increases the productivity of sales persons.

High reach; The fact that phones are the most widely used devices in the world makes it easier for businesses to market and sell on phones. Although not all phones are able to access social media or receive emails, every phone, is capable of receiving an SMS. Businesses can reach a wide range of prospects through text messages and this has made many businesses resort to marketing and even closing sales on the phone.

The budget-friendly nature of SMSs has made them a popular tool in sales. Companies looking for a high return on investment use SMS. This is because a good amount of leads can be generated at low costs. Click here to view costs on SMSs in Uganda.

Customer Engagement; Selling is a relationship-based venture. Businesses in every way not only sell a product but service and customer experience. Text messages are personal and friendly. This makes the customer feel compelled to engage more with your brand.

Regular updates; Unlike other methods of communication, SMSs are instant and can be sent as many times as possible. In the event that clients would need regular updates on their product for example when shipping a product, SMSs become a convenient way of communicating and updating the clients. Often businesses see the need to constantly update their clients depending on the nature of the business and have been able to use SMSs as a reliable tool.

Straight Forward call to action; Call to action sent via text messages are straight to the point. Interested customers can click the link or call the number in the text. This makes it convenient for the customer and the salespersons.

Accessible to reference in future; SMS platforms allow users to save and collect data of messages sent out in order to view metrics for easier decision-making. A salesperson can view the messages sent to know the reach and the messages that were received.

In conclusion, every business wishes to create a large clientele and have enough customer retention. This requires constant communication between the seller and buyer. Text messages are the fast, precise and budget-friendly way to communicate with your clients and market your products or service. Sign up here to get started on your SMS sales campaign.


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