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How Bulk SMS Can Improve Patient Communication

How Bulk SMS Can Improve Patient Communication
How Bulk SMS Can Improve Patient Communication

Patient communication is very important between every medical personnel and patient. Patient communication has its advantages that could include; fostering the relationship with the patients, gathering information in case any was missed out during the appointments, providing information about the hospital and health matters, making decisions for both the patients and doctors, responding to emotions, and enabling disease- and treatment-related behaviour.

After the first appointment or consultation with the doctor, the patient, if required can continue communicating with the hospital and even doctors. This gives a sense of transparency and trust in the healthcare provider.

Bulk SMS can play a significant role in improving patient communication in various ways:

  1. Appointment Reminders: Healthcare providers can use bulk SMS to send automated appointment reminders to patients. This reduces the chances of missed appointments and improves attendance rates. Patients appreciate these reminders as they help them stay organized and prompt them to reschedule if necessary. It also helps the patients plan accordingly to accommodate time for the appointment.
  2. Test Results and Follow-ups: Bulk SMS can be utilized to send test results or follow-up information to patients. This ensures that patients receive important medical information promptly and can take appropriate actions based on the results. It also saves time for healthcare professionals who can quickly communicate updates to a large number of patients. It is important, however, for the health care centre to have the right patient information and phone number when sending out test results.
  3. Medication and Treatment Reminders: For patients with chronic conditions or those undergoing long-term treatments, bulk SMS can be used to send reminders for medication schedules and treatment plans. This helps patients adhere to their prescribed regimens, leading to better health outcomes and improved medication compliance.
  4. Health Tips and Education: Healthcare providers can send informative health tips, disease management techniques, or general health education messages to patients via bulk SMS. These messages can help patients improve their overall health and well-being by promoting healthy behaviours and providing relevant information.
  5. Emergency Notifications: In times of emergencies or natural disasters, bulk SMS can be a valuable tool for quickly notifying patients about any changes in clinic hours, rescheduling appointments, or providing important safety instructions. This ensures that patients are well informed and can take appropriate actions during such situations. Healthcare centres can also provide information about the nearest branches in case of emergencies and their ambulance stations.
  6. Surveys and Feedback: Bulk SMS can also be utilized to conduct patient satisfaction surveys or gather feedback on healthcare services. By sending short surveys or requesting feedback through SMS, healthcare providers can collect valuable insights and make improvements based on patient responses.
  7. Health Campaigns and Promotions: Bulk SMS can be used to promote health campaigns, preventive care initiatives, or awareness programs among patients. For example in the case of visiting doctors of certain fields like neurologists or plastic surgeons, healthcare centres can provide this information to various individuals around who might be interested. Healthcare providers can inform patients about vaccination drives, health screenings, or any community events aimed at promoting wellness.

It is important to note that while bulk SMS can be an effective communication tool, patient privacy and data security should be prioritized. Healthcare providers must ensure compliance with relevant regulations, and obtain patient consent before sending any healthcare-related information via SMS. If you would like to begin sending messages to your patients, sign up for EgoSMS here.

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