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The Benefits of SMS for Customer Engagement

The Benefits of SMS for Customer Engagement
The Benefits of SMS for Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is a very important aspect of marketing in a business. Customer engagement is defined as how a company creates a relationship with its customers or clientele to foster brand loyalty and awareness. This can be accomplished via marketing campaigns and web content as well as outreach using social media, email and SMS.

There are several benefits to using SMS for customer engagement, including;

SMSes are personalised; SMSes can be personalised to send to target audiences. This is an easier way to communicate with customers while addressing them by name or any other unique identifier. this gives the customer a sense of importance and thereby increases customer engagement. Personalized SMS text campaigns can really make your efforts stand out. Texting campaigns are a highly effective way to connect with your loyal and engaged customers.

Cost-Effective; Many SMS platforms cost prices depending on the number of SMS you send. The more the number, the more you pay. This makes it easier for a business to budget for an SMS campaign depending on the number of customers they wish to contact at a given time. This makes it easier for companies to engage with their customers as many times as they need. Constantly sending messages also reduces other costs associated with the business like communication in customer care or accounts.

Faster reach to customers; SMS might by far be the fastest medium of communication in Africa currently. Because of the increasing demand for mobile devices, it makes it easier to communicate with different clients from different demographics using SMS. Unlike other traditional means of communication that require you to build images, graphics, and marketing campaigns, SMS simply requires you to draft a message and send it. This saves a lot of time and messages are sent instantly.

Customer Convenience; SMS marketing is a tool that is convenient for the customer, as well as the marketer. Because these messages are sent to mobile phones, they can be easily viewed. Customers do not have to look through a bunch of emails or wait to watch your advert every day to get more information about your product. SMSes also provide a call to action for interested customers to contact the company immediately.

Company convenience; The marketing team will find it easy to send messages using a convened bulk messaging platform. It is also easier to distinguish which messages go to who. This makes it better for customers to receive customised messages. Customisation can be done according to age, location or product that the customers are interested in. These demographics can be saved into groups on the platform and messages sent easily. This will also increase the reply rate for those who will respond to the call to action because the messages will be directed to them.

Simplicity; Many other forms of communication require excessive planning, design, catchy subject lines and SEO just to get people to look at them. SMS just requires a number of your targeted audience and a simple SMS with a call to action. This makes it easier for the marketer to concentrate on providing the client with their actual needs instead of advertising extensively hoping someone will respond. It also increases the return on investment or the business.

Through SMS, companies can create faster and more effective engagement with their customer thereby increasing product awareness and customer loyalty because of the transparency of their brand. To begin interacting with your customers quickly and easily, sign up here.

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