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Build Customer Loyalty With Text Marketing for Restaurants

Build Customer Loyalty with Restaurant Text Messaging
Build Customer Loyalty with Restaurant Text Messaging

Mobile phones are used by over 7.2 billion people worldwide, and the number rises every day. Restaurants and other eateries can increase client retention and attract new patrons by reaching out to them on their mobile phones.

Businesses may deliver their discounts or promotions directly to the customer via text messaging solutions like Egosms.

Why Use Text Message Marketing for Your Restaurants?

As a consequence of the pandemic (Covid-19) and government restrictions on public gatherings, several restaurants and eateries experienced a major slowdown in business.

Since the lowering of restrictions and re-opening of the economy, more and more consumers have begun to eat out.

A key question for many restaurants and eateries, has been how to drive new and existing customers to their establishments?

It is imperative to keep customers informed and updated using cost-effective marketing tools. Promoting campaigns such as text-exclusive discounts, coupons and new dishes that are tailored to your customers will keep your restaurant top of mind.

Benefits of Using Text Marketing for Your Restaurant

Restaurants, like any other business, need to drum up interest and get customers through the door. Some of the benefits of using restaurant text messaging are:

1. Texts are MobileOn average, mobile phone users spend 5-6 hours on their devices. Customers who receive promotions and coupons via SMS are more likely to save the coupon and use it at your establishment.

2. Easy to use– SMS messaging is an age-old technology known to many consumers. Using them for your restaurant marketing is simple.

3. Instant contact– Previously, coupons and vouchers would have to be printed as flyers and shared with customers. Today, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

Restaurants can now send discounts, vouchers, and coupon promotions instantly to their target audience using SMS text message marketing.

4. Personal connection SMS messages are a personal method of communication. Your restaurant can now leverage this unique communication tool to reach prospects in a personalized way. 75% of customers would like special offers sent to them through text messages.

5. Trackable– Marketing campaigns provide unique data that is easily accessible to decision-makers. The data from your restaurant campaign can help provide actionable insights and inform future offers.

6. Budget-friendlyBillboards and fliers are examples of traditional techniques of advertising that are not very cost-effective. Individual messages, on the other hand, can be tailored and targeted to your unique requirements at a very affordable price.

How to Use Text Marketing for Your Restaurants

With all of the advantages of text marketing for restaurants, it’s simple to see why so many businesses are using it to promote their establishments. Here are some examples of messages you could send to your subscribers:

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see how your restaurants can make use of SMS marketing to promote your business. Here are a few use cases and examples of text message marketing for restaurants:

  • Discounts: This weekend only!

    Stop by Cafe Roma and show this coupon for 10% off the entire bill.

  • Contests: You’ve entered the sweepstakes to win free dinner for a year with Cafe Roma. Winners will be announced on December 14th, 2022.

  • Reservation confirmation: Your reservation is for 5:00 pm tonight at Cafe Roma.

    Reply “YES” to confirm!

  • Exclusive coupons: Thanks for signing up for deals with Cafe Roma!

    Present this coupon on your next visit for a free appetizer.

  • Reservation alert: Your table for 4 is now ready at Cafe Roma.

  • Event specials: February customer appreciation!

    To show our love, the first 100 customers to send LOVE to 7777 will receive a coupon for free dessert at Cafe Roma.

  • Product and order fulfillment:

Egosms is the leading bulk SMS marketing provider in Uganda and already serves several restaurants as their top choice for text marketing. Streamlining communication with your customers is quick and easy.

Sign up for a free account and start engaging with your customers today!

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