SMS for small businesses

With the proliferation of technology, it has become easier to reach your customers, particularly where they spend their time, on their cell phones. text messaging helps You get closer to your customers and communicate with them more effectively.
You can get up and running quickly with our intuitive user interface, so you can start texting your clients right away.
Improve and increase engagement brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by resolving customer issues and gathering customer feedback.

How SMS can help your business
1. Provide unmatched customer service
Let customers know you can be reached by text messaging. Send out messages to update customers on any updates, important information, and any service delivery issues and rectifications. This helps you create exceptional experiences for both your organization and existing customers.

2. Send text message marketing campaigns
Text message marketing for small businesses is effective, affordable, and simple to manage with open rates of 98%. To meaningfully increase conversions, upload a list of phone numbers and start sending out mass texts with promotional offers and abandoned cart reminders.

3. Keep your staff members up to date
SMS is a useful tool for last-minute updates and communication because it has a 99% uptime rate and is delivered quickly. Use SMS to send notifications and reminders, confirm shift availability, and schedule and confirm shifts.

4. Connect our online portal with your existing software
You can integrate SMS may be integrated with your existing software programs.

Our SMS APIs serve as an intermediary. Create a link between SMS and your systems.

In a nutshell, our SMS APIs enable the sharing of data and information in close to real-time notifications and alerts between various apps, websites, and systems, resulting in a seamless user experience for customers.

5. Automate time-consuming tasks

Automation for SMS enables time savings without compromising personalization. To better serve your customers, configure auto-replies. Upload contact lists with merge tags, such as names, trackable links, dates, and more, to create customized business text messages.

Why Egosms?
With 10 years of messaging experience, our trusted messaging platform and experts support customers across every industry.
Explore the features of our web platform to learn more about how our SMS service for small businesses can help. Set up a free account or talk to an expert today.

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