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What is SMS Marketing and How Does it Work? 

What is SMS marketing and how does it work?
What is SMS marketing and how does it work?

In today’s world where businesses are finding it harder to reach out to customers, SMS marketing is making a comeback due to the instant, customizable and universal nature of text messages. In this blog post, we discuss what SMS Marketing is and how it works for your business to stand out from competitors.  

What is SMS Marketing? 

SMS marketing is a marketing channel that allows businesses to better reach, engage, and connect with their customers on their mobile devices via text messages  

Why is it important for business to SMS Marketing? 

To boost sales  

Businesses can use SMS Marketing to share promotions, discounts, and limited-time offers to their customers to grow revenue  

To build relationships 

Businesses can use SMS marketing directly and quickly share messages to customers via text which strengthens customer relationships  

To engage customers 

Businesses can use SMS marketing to quickly share important updates and new content to customers via SMS  

To nurture leads 

Businesses can use SMS Marketing to follow-up with leads and keep them engaged with occasional text messages 


How does it work? 

Here are a few tips to consider for a business planning to kick there start SMS Marketing Campaign  

Choose an SMS marketing software service  

An SMS marketing software service can help you with bulk SMS campaigns and marketing automation 

Use Call to Actions (CTAs) 

While conducting SMS marketing, Businesses need to keep in mind their clients want read, interact and act on the text messages they send hence need for clear calls to action  

Introduce yourself in the text messages 

If a customer receives an anonymous text message from a business or a number they don’t recognize, they label it as a wrong number or spam. To prevent this from occurring, businesses can include their names or sender IDs in the text messages 

Know your audience  

Understanding the audience helps businesses to opt for different strategies according to the desired audience 

Customize the text messages 

Customers prefer getting personalized over traditional messages addressed to all users. They are most likely to read a message and take action if they see their name spelled out at the start of the message. 

Businesses can include other personalized information like recent purchases 

Craft short and clear messages  

Businesses should ensure that the messages are professional, concise and simple though without leaving out details that may bring questions to customers’ minds  

Send text strategic times 

Businesses need to consider the right timing with your SMS messaging. It’s crucial to think about the time zones and send your text messages at the most appropriate time. 

Ask for Permission 

Using people’s phone numbers without their permission is illegal. Businesses should have explicit consent from SMS subscribers before they send them text messages.  


SMS Marketing can be a powerful tool for your business, allowing you to send important messages straight into the hands of your customers. So, take advantage of it. Remember to keep these tips in mind and you’ll be a pro at SMS marketing. 

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