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The Importance of Personalisation in Bulk SMS Marketing

The Importance of Personalisation in Bulk SMS Marketing
The Importance of Personalisation in Bulk SMS Marketing

Personalisation is a crucial aspect of bulk SMS marketing that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a campaign. A big number of consumers interact only with personalised messages. And an even larger number of consumers only buy from brands that personalise their user experience.

Personalisation is ensuring that the client relates to the SMS sent by customising it to suit the client’s needs.

There are 2 ways to personalise your Bulk SMS marketing;

Customising the SMS sender ID; you can personalise your SMS marketing message and display your unique business name. In the EgoSMS platform, after securing the sender ID, it will automatically show on your homepage. Securing a sender ID depends on the telecommunications service provider. Sender IDs let your audience know exactly where your SMS is being sent from. 

Personalising within the message; You can take it a step further by personalising within the message using the information about clients that is relevant to them as a unique identifier, like their name, location, product or service, etc. Our platform allows you to create customised messages in the ‘Custom SMS’ section on the home page, where you can upload .txt files of the details needed for particular clients.

That being said, below are 7 reasons for personalisation in your bulk SMS campaign;  

Relevancy of the messages to the client; Personalization makes messages more relevant to the recipient, which can lead to higher engagement and response rates. Since messages are targeted to particular recipients, mostly those that have interacted with your brand, it is easy to get responses from the clients.

Increase in message engagement; One of the biggest benefits of personalised SMS marketing is increasing engagement rates, which can lead to increased customer conversion and better ROI. Many consumers only buy from brands that personalise the user experience. By sending SMS marketing focused on your audience’s buying patterns or even their browsing habits of your website, you’ll have a better chance at converting them into a customer and even repeat customers.

Customised messages; When a text message is personalized, it is tailored to the recipient’s specific interests, needs, or behaviour. This could include their name, location, past purchases, or any other information that is relevant to the message. Personalization makes the message feel less like a mass-marketed advertisement and more like direct communication between the sender and the recipient.

Improves customer experience; By improving the customer experience, you create a positive relationship with your audience which in turn produces positivity, resulting in repeat buyers and happy customers who are then eager to spread the word about their amazing, personalised experience with your brand. 

Creates a bond with clients; Personalization can also increase the perceived value of the message and build a stronger relationship with the recipient. Personalized messages can be seen as an indicator of the sender’s investment in the relationship, which can foster a sense of loyalty and trust.

Message segmentation; Personalization can also help to segment the target audience and deliver more targeted and relevant messages to different groups of recipients. This can improve the overall efficiency of the campaign by reducing the number of uninterested recipients and maximizing the impact of the news.

Builds loyalty; Because messages are sent to individuals who have interacted or are willing to interact with your brand, personalisation creates trust that the company cares about their clients. This increases loyalty to the brand which in turn increases sales. Clients always want a feeling of inclusion in the brand. By personalising SMSes, clients feel they are contributing to the success of the brand.

In conclusion, personalization is an essential aspect of bulk SMS marketing that can greatly improve the effectiveness of a campaign. By tailoring messages to the recipient’s specific interests and behaviour, personalization can increase engagement, build stronger relationships, and deliver more targeted and relevant news. To know more about personalising your Bulk SMSes, visit our website now.

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