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How to use SMS for Reminder and Renewal Notifications

How to use SMS for reminder and renewal notifications
How to use SMS for reminder and renewal notifications

SMS Notifications are out-of-band text messages delivered in response to events or transactions that happen elsewhere. SMS notifications are useful for event management businesses, banks or generally companies and organisations that would need to constantly send notifications to stakeholders for various reasons. Notifications and reminders constantly keep clients informed about your progress as a business and this improves transparency and engagement.

Using SMS for reminder and renewal notifications can be an effective way to keep your customers or clients up-to-date on important information. Here are six steps you can use to get started:

  1. Collect phone numbers: First, you will need to collect the phone numbers of your customers or clients to who you want to send SMS notifications. Make sure you have permission to contact them via SMS. Businesses usually use events like trade shows, conferences, tours or even social media. It is important to know how to effectively communicate with clients interested in our products so they are aware whenever you make an update.
  2. Create your message: Craft a clear and concise message that conveys the important information you want to communicate, such as a renewal deadline or appointment reminder. Be sure to include a call-to-action or next step. This makes it easy for interested clients to communicate with you or get more information about your product.
  3. Schedule the message: Choose a date and time for sending the SMS message. Make sure it is timed appropriately so that the recipient has enough time to take action before the deadline. Research on times you know clients would be able to read your SMS and concentrate on it enough to follow up with the call to action.
  4. Test the message: Before sending the SMS message, test it to ensure it displays correctly and is error-free. If you can, add your number to the list on the trial version and test to see how it would look on the viewer’s phone. It is also advised to save the message as a draft or template. This is recommended in case you wish to send the same message in future.
  5. Send the message: Once you are satisfied with the message and its timing, send it out to your customers or clients. Messages can be scheduled and sent at different times. You can also send the same message as many times as you wish to your clients to remind them of your offers.
  6. Monitor and track results: Keep track of your SMS campaign’s effectiveness. Monitor the response rates, clicks and conversions to optimize your campaigns in the future. This helps you know the clients that are interested in your products in order to effectively communicate with them throughout the customer journey.

SMS reminders and renewal notifications can be a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your customers engaged and informed. To start sending notifications and reminders to your clients, sign up here.

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