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The Role of SMS in Crisis Communication

The Role of SMS in Crisis Communication
The Role of SMS in Crisis Communication

Crisis communication refers to the dissemination of information by an organization to address a crisis that impacts customers and/or the organization’s reputation. Sometimes companies have emergencies like delays in deliveries, and software upgrades, that could affect business workflows.

In such cases, it is advisable to contact all stakeholders and customers informing them about the crisis going on and how they will solve it. This transparency builds trust in the brand.

SMS (Short Message Service) can play a vital role in crisis communication. Here are a few ways SMS can be useful in such situations:

  1. Quick and effective communication: During a crisis, people need quick and reliable information about the situation. SMS can be an efficient way to reach a large number of people with important updates, instructions, and warnings. SMS messages can be sent to mobile phones, which are often the most accessible communication device for people in a crisis.
  2. Reachability: SMS messages can be delivered even when voice and data networks are down or overloaded. This means that SMS can often be the most reliable form of communication during a crisis. Also, SMS messages are stored on the recipient’s phone, so they can refer to the message later. Customers will be sure to get the communication and engage with it at the time available to them.
  3. Customizable messages: SMS messages can be tailored to specific groups of people or regions, which can be useful in a crisis. For example, messages can be sent to people in affected areas with evacuation instructions or updates on road closures. SMS messages are also a great tool to use in e-commerce. Messages can be sent to customers in case of delayed deliveries or requests for more information on the products being delivered. OTP messages are the best way to communicate when an order has been made and finally delivered.
  4. Two-way communication: SMS can also be used to enable two-way communication between emergency responders and affected individuals. This allows responders to get real-time updates about the situation and to provide support and guidance to those in need. It is also easy to create a call to action when sending SMS messages. This gives the customers an option of engaging with the management in case of any inquiries.

SMS can be a powerful tool for crisis communication. It can provide quick and reliable information to people during a crisis, and it can enable two-way communication between responders and those affected. Sign up here to begin effectively communicating with your customers.

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