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How to Use Bulk SMS for Payment Reminders

How to Use Bulk SMS for Payment Reminders
How to Use Bulk SMS for Payment Reminders

Using bulk SMS for payment reminders is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach out to your customers and remind them about their pending payments. Bulk SMS for payment reminders can be used by schools to remind parents of fees balances due, hospitals, banks and even retail and wholesale traders and service providers. These reminders help keep the customers informed about their previous payments and the balance payments due. Customers can also be reminded o how to make those payments through the text. Send these SMS reminders is a cost-effective way that companies can use to improve transparency with their customers. SMS reminders are also stored on the customer’s phone making it easy to refer to the messages in case payments need to be made. Here are the steps you can follow to use bulk SMS for payment reminders:

  1. Collect Phone Numbers: Collect the phone numbers of your customers who have pending payments. Make sure to get their consent to send them SMS reminders. Trade fairs or company events are a good way to get contacts with prospective clients. For schools and hospitals, it is a requirement to have a contact or an emergency contact available. Once these contacts are got, store them in a soft copy file preferably an Excel file. excel .txt files are better versions to upload.
  2. Access your Bulk SMS Service Provider: A reliable bulk SMS service provider that must offer the features you need. Once accessed, you can log in and upload your file. EgoSMS allows companies to upload. txt files that can be customised to suit the company’s needs. You can customise your Excel file to detail the name of the customer, their total sum to pay, payments made and their balances. This helps the customer know where they stand financially and also improves the transparency between the company and the customer.
  3. Create SMS Templates: Create SMS templates that you can use for payment reminders. Keep the messages short and clear. Templates are necessary in case you wish to send the message again. These templates can work for customised messages as well. You can also add a link to your payment portal or include instructions on how to make the payment.
  4. Schedule SMS Reminders: Schedule the SMS reminders to be sent at a convenient time for your customers. You can choose to send reminders a few days before the payment due date, on the day of the payment due date, or a few days after the payment due date.
  5. Monitor Responses: Monitor the responses you receive from your customers. Some may reply with questions or concerns about their payments, while others may make the payment directly. Make sure to leave a call to action like a number to call or an email or link to their payments online so they can get a full picture of the payments to be made.
  6. Follow Up: Follow up with customers who have not made the payment despite the reminders. You can send them a personalized message or give them a call to discuss their payment status.

By using bulk SMS for payment reminders, you can save time and effort while also increasing your payment collection rates. Just make sure to follow the regulations related to SMS marketing and respect your customers’ privacy. To begin using SMS for payment reminders, click here.

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