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Using Bulk SMS for Event Promotions

Using Bulk SMS for Event Promotions
Using Bulk SMS for Event Promotions

Events management is a vast and growing industry in Africa. Many event companies and event planners need a lot of organisational skills in order to make a successful event. However, there is a lot that goes into planning an event so it becomes hard to keep track unless the planner has the necessary tools that can help increase productivity and save time. One of the tools most event planners and companies use is Bulk SMS.

Below are 5 ways Event planners and companies can use bulk SMS;

  1. Send Invitations: Event organizers can use bulk SMS to send invitations to potential attendees. Events such as concerts or trade shows can be marketed via SMS. This is because they are usually sent to a wide group of people like registered customers in a certain location. Sending SMS is a cost-effective way to communicate with those attending reminding them about the event. This can help increase attendance rates and generate more interest in the event.
  2. Provide Event Details: Event organizers can use bulk SMS to send out event details such as date, time, location, and agenda. Given a scenario where the dates and time or location of the event have been changed or postponed, SMSes are an easy way to communicate with the attendees making sure that they are aware of the changes. Also, time communication helps the attendees plan in advance. This can help attendees plan their schedules and prepare for the event.
  3. Send Reminders: Event organizers can use bulk SMS to send reminders to attendees about the event date and time. In case an event has been planned earlier, it is important to remind the attendees that the event is still on and remind them of the date, time and location. This keeps the attendees aware in case of any inquiries they might have. This can also help reduce no-shows and increase attendance rates.
  4. Promote Special Offers: Event organizers can use bulk SMS to promote special offers such as early bird discounts or group discounts. Promotions on events help gather momentum and keep the attendees engaged towards the event. This can help incentivize potential attendees to register for the event.
  5. Gather Feedback: Event organizers can use bulk SMS to gather feedback from attendees after the event. After the event, it is always better to engage with the attendees about how the event has been. This helps gather feedback for future events. This also keeps attendees engaged and informed about information relating to the event. This can help improve future events and increase attendee satisfaction.

Attendee satisfaction is very important for any event organiser. It is essential to keep attendees engaged with the event as it promotes the event organisers in future. To ensure you get the most out of your event using Bulk SMS, Contact us Here.

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