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7 Creative Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Small Business Growth

7 Creative Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Small Business Growth
7 Creative Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Small Business Growth

SMS (short message service) marketing can be a powerful tool for small businesses looking to grow their customer base and increase sales. Many businesses today are realising the value of keeping your customers engaged with your products and businesses. The fastest way to communicate with businesses is through SMS. A well-planned SMS marketing strategy can quickly build brand awareness helping customers effectively pass through the awareness and consideration stage of the customer journey. They are a quick and effective way to get started in your marketing strategy. It is important to first build your SMS list. You can do this by encouraging customers to opt-in to receive text messages from your business. Offer an incentive, such as a discount or free gift, to customers who sign up.

Here are some ways to use SMS marketing for small business growth:

  1. Promote special deals: Use SMS to promote special deals or sales to your customers. SMS is an effective way to promote special deals because of the personalisation it brings. When customers receive messages about products they are interested in going on sale or promotion, they feel obligated to engage. This can be a great way to encourage repeat business and build customer loyalty.
  2. Send reminders: Use SMS to send appointment reminders or reminders about upcoming events or promotions. This can work mainly for businesses like hospitals or schools where events appointments for medical checks of school events reminders have to be sent to the customers. This improves engagement with the client and also builds confidence in the brands. Customers can also be able to RSVP the company events. This will help the company organise effectively for the event. This can help increase attendance and engagement.
  3. Share new product launches: Use SMS to share information about new product launches or updates. It is important to build an SMS list for your brand so that whenever you are launching a new brand, the clients interested in your products are informed about the product. Sharing product launches through SMS can also build brand awareness of the company. This means that the clients can easily find out more about the product and use the call to action indicated in the messages to find out more information about the product. This can help generate excitement and interest in your business.
  4. Ask for feedback: Use SMS to ask for customer feedback or reviews. Customer feedback is very important to the company. Customer feedback helps companies know what they are doing right or wrong and how to improve. Feedback can be in form of questions, opinion polls, or just plain suggestions. A company can use SMS to send these links to customer feedback forms or even send the feedback form as an SMS. This can improve engagement and customer loyalty. It also helps the customers know to generate more information about the product and brand. This can help them improve their products and services, and also provide social proof to potential customers.
  5. Personalize messages: Use customer data to personalize SMS messages. Personalised messages are a very good way to help customers move swiftly through the customer journey. these messages can be sent during the consideration stage of the customer journey. With the approval of the customer, a company send messages about the products giving more information on the product or answering any queries the customer might have. This can help make customers feel valued and increase engagement.
  6. Use SMS for customer service: Use SMS to provide customer service or support. Many companies use SMS in their customer care departments because of the effectiveness and efficiency it brings. Customer care departments can communicate directly with their clients and get feedback easily through SMS. This can be a convenient way for customers to get quick answers to their questions.
  7. Integrate SMS with other marketing channels: Integrate SMS with other marketing channels, such as email or social media, to create a cohesive marketing strategy. SMS can also be integrated with various departmental systems in the company like CRMs or HRMIS of that company. This helps ineffective communication within the company.

In conclusion, SMS marketing can be a powerful tool for small businesses looking to grow their customer base and increase sales. By using these tips, you can effectively use SMS to connect with customers and build your business. To begin using SMS for your company’s growth strategy, click here.

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